Camp Jobs in Alberta

Camp Jobs in Alberta

Alberta is the hub of the mining and oil extraction industry of Canada. Much of Alberta's resources are located in areas that are far from civilization. Because of this, many mining and oil extraction companies put up camps and base station where their workers can temporarily stay while working for them. Jobs in these camps offer a decent wage. Camp workers also have the opportunity to save their wages without having to spend much for their lodgings.

Camp jobs for carpenters

Camps are temporary outpost set up by mining companies. When the vein or lode runs out in one location, they pack up and move on to another area. Carpenters who've had experience in building infrastructure are welcome additions to the camp crew. Though the construction takes faster, carpenters working in camp jobs should make sure that the shelter for employees are built with safety in mind. Depending on the contract, camp jobs for carpenters may work full-time or for a couple of seasons only or may perform other duties such as drivers or labourers.

Camp jobs for welders

Much of the equipment and hardware used in mining sites are assembled by welders. Welders can stay in camp and perform duties such as installation, maintenance, and patch repairs on equipment. Welders in camp may also perform other tasks assigned to them. Depending on the contract, welders can stay full-time or for a period of time only.

Hospitality jobs in Camps

Mining companies provide food and shelter to employees working in camps. Jobs in the kitchen and in housekeeping are also available for people in hospitality services. Cooking for a camp of miners is no easy task. Camp kitchen employees should learn how to work within the budget while providing the nutritious foods for the employees. Because camps are set from one location to another, camp kitchen staff should always be ready to transfer kitchen equipment and furniture as well.

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